Your CD, DVD & Blu-ray digitising service.

How your DVDs will look in iTunes

Future proof your discs, play them on any screen and de-clutter your living space with our professional disc-to-digital ripping service.

Since 2012 DigiRAW has been helping households and AV specialists convert their personal disc libraries for enjoyment on their PCs, TVs, smartphones, tablets and home theatre systems.

Located in Buckingham (England) we serve local, national and international clients with a range of high quality disc-to-digital conversions.

Our format shifting service includes…

  • Films, TV Shows, Music Videos & Home Movies to mp4, mkv, iso & vob files.
  • CDs to mp3 & ALAC.

DVD Ripping Service
  • DVD Ripping
    Our premier DVD, Blu-ray & 3D ripping service delivers an outstanding disc-to-digital experience for your home, villa, city dwelling, yacht, & mobile devices.
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CD Ripping Service
  • CD Ripping
    We’ll convert your CDs to high fidelity mp3 or Apple Lossless and code each track with cover art, album / track name, artists name & genre.
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iDaddy with the Apple TV
  • The iDaddy
    With Apple TVs, a computer & your new mp4 disc-to-digital collection, you can stream the contents of your iTunes library to each room & simultaneously!
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DVD to mp4 store
  • mp4 store
    Our Click, Pick, Rip & Ship store is a growing catalogue of new DVDs & Blu-ray titles complete with mp4, inclusive USB hard drive and UK delivery..
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Most of our clients choose our superior mp4 video files, load them in iTunes and enjoy selective viewing on their iPhones, iPads and Apple TVs. Thanks to our marvellous metadata tagging, they look and behave just like an iTunes store purchase.



DigiRAW CD, DVD & Blu-ray Ripping Service

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Your music, movie and TV show disc to digital ripping service is based in Buckingham and serves Buckinghamshire, High Wycombe, Oxford, Oxfordshire, Northampton, Northamptonshire, Middlesex, London, Reading, Slough, Maidenhead, Henley, Berkshire, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, Hampshire and London with a personal collection and return service when your order exceeds our minimum value.