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DIGIRAW is a unique media transfer service. We digitise your DVDs, Blu-ray and 4K (UHD) discs for playing on your mobile devices, computers, TVs, home theatre and home cinema. Our service began in 2012, is based in Oxfordshire, England, and serves clients worldwide.

Movies on Private Jets and Yachts without internet

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Whether you found us through Google, Facebook or word of mouth, you're here for one reason: to transform and enjoy your disc collection the modern way.

You might know precisely what you're looking for, or perhaps you are looking for help and ideas. Either way, rest assured you've come to the right place.

Home Videos on DVD

Precious home recordings enjoyed again

Protect and play your memories on all your screens. Share with friends and family too.

Movies & TV Shows

Your personal media on all your devices

Back up and organise your favourite Movies and TV Shows and enjoy instant access, anytime, anywhere.

Music collection

High Fidelity CD Ripping still has a place

Prefer your audio uncompressed or find yourself paying and playing for the music you already own on CDs?

Value Add Services

Media Volt carry on streaming service for private jets and yachts


Media Volt

Movie streaming solutions for yachts


Maritime Media

My Image


Media Pro

Partnership disc to digital ripping service for audio visual installets



Why convert your DVDs to MP4 digital?

Your DVDs degrade over time, and DVD players are in decline. DIGIRAW DVD Ripping Service converts your ageing DVDs, Blu-ray & CDs to digital files that you can back up to a hard drive and play them on all your devices.


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