Making your movies mobile

5 simple steps to streaming

Plug-and-play easy streaming.

Ever wish you could get your favourite DVDs and Blu-ray discs off those shelves, digitised and playing on all your screens using your home Wi-Fi network? Well, now you can and with the help of DIGIRAW.

There are many DIY type Netflix media servers around and all with different capabilities, but if you are looking for a simple media streaming solution without the need to be tech-savvy, with offline skills too, then the Infuse 6 app for your iOS and tvOS devices will have you streaming your disc-to-digital movies and TV shows in minutes.

My DVD movies on my iPhone using Infuse 6

5 steps to streaming

All your favourite titles handpicked and without having to consider connectivity and data allowances. Perfect for all the family, especially without internet access.

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Hire DIGIRAW to convert your DVDs and Blu-ray Discs to high quality mp4. Scroll down for our media deals, order online, send us your discs and pay by PayPal when our Studio processes your order.

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USB Drive

DIGIRAW will load your new converted mp4 files to a USB drive so that you can transfer them to your computer, NAS and USB enabled devices.

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Your Router

For iPhone, iPads (iOS) and Apple TV 4 users (tvOS), you can also connect your new USB drive with mp4 files directly to your router for streaming around your home.

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iPhone, iPad & Apple TV 4

With your USB drive connected to your router, now download the Infuse 6 app from the App Store for free powerful streaming. Unlock powerful features such as 4K (UHD), DTS and TrueHD high res audio for just £8.99 per year.

  • Unlock Pro features for only £8.99 per annum
    Infuse 6 Pro features
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Add your mp4 files

Open your Infuse 6 app on your devices, go to settings and click "Add files". Your Infuse 5 player will now connect to your USB drive and start adding your titles and pulling in metadata (cover art, descriptions, ratings, genre and more).

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Where will you and your family enjoy your movies & TV Shows?

Go Offline | HOW?

Sync your movies and TV shows.

You and your users can sync content to your iPhone and iPad wirelessly over your home network for offline play. Just select your show, click the 3 dots and then choose download. An average movie takes just a few minutes to complete.

Stream wherever you have internet.

Upload your mp4 files to your favourite cloud service and connect your devices to stream your titles over Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G.

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No internet.

With a portable Wi-Fi router, you can create a closed network (no internet) cloud streaming service just for your own use and with passwords to prevent unauthorised access.

Then, connect your devices to your closed network, open your Infuse app and start streaming your entire library wirelessly to all your connected devices. It's a perfect way to take more or all your content with you instead of just downloading a handful of titles to each mobile device before you leave home.

Another useful example for your disc-to-digital offline (no internet) entertainment could be in your caravan, hotel room, plane, yacht, second home or lodge, giving you and your family access to all their favourite movies and TV shows on their mobile devices or Apple TV 4 for larger-screen viewing.


Your Infuse 6 apps allow you to connect and download metadata from various online media databases automatically, but because you will be offline, you can set the app to read the metadata we coded into each of your mp4 files so that your user experience remains the same when offline.

Infuse 6 home media streaming to my devices

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Nobody can match our obsession and experience when it comes to disc-to-digital home media solutions. That's why, when you book our service, you have the confidence of knowing Chris, the founder, will be taking care of it. Only the best will do in Chris's world, and the same can be said for his crew.


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