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Please complete our order form, and within 24 business hours, we will email you a reference number for packing with your discs. This helps us match DVDs to owners the moment they arrive.

  • What happens next?
    Within 48 hours of taking receipt, we'll conduct an audit. This means we make a full count (excluding bonus discs) and check to make sure there are no missing discs or damaged discs we won't be able to repair.

    We'll then raise an invoice which you receive by email and can be settled securely online with a card, or by bank transfer.Click the pay now button and settle online using your PayPal account.

    As soon as you have settled your invoice we can now schedule your order and will confirm our estimated completion date by email.

    Typical lead times:
    Up to 50 discs requires 7 to 10 days.
    51+ 10 to 14 days
    500+ 14 to 21 days
    1000+ 21 to 28 days
    2000+ 4 to 6 weeks

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Nobody can match our obsession and experience when it comes to disc-to-digital home media solutions. That's why, when you book our service, you have the confidence of knowing Chris, the founder, will be taking care of it. Only the best will do in Chris's world, and the same can be said for his crew.


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