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DigiRAW collection and return service

Collection & Return

FREE when your order exceeds…

  • £150 for postcodes: HP, LU, MK, NN, OX.

  • £250 for postcodes: AL, CB, RG, SG, SL.

  • £400 for postcodes: CV, GL, HA, LE, SN, TW, UB, WD.

  • £500 for postcodes: B, BA, BR, BS, CM, CO, CR, DA, DE, DY, E, EC, EN, GU, HR, IG, IP, KT, N, NG, NW, PE, RG, RH, RM, SE, SM, SO, SP, SS, ST, SW, TF, W, WC, WR, WS, WV.

  • £1000 for postcodes: BH, BN, CT, ME, NR, PO (Mainland), TN.

  • £1250 for postcodes: BB, BD, BL, CH, CW, DN, FY, HD, HX, L, LN M, OL, PR, S, SK, WA, WN.

Send your DVD for ripping by courier using Interparcel

Send By UK Courier

If our free collection and return service is not available to you then like many of our customers, you can send your discs to us directly. We recommend the online courier broker Interparcel.

Interparcel is a really low cost simple to use service. Pop in your collection postcode and our delivery address postcode (MK18 4AS) for a free and instant online quote.

Measure and weigh your box(s) and select the courier you would like to use such as FedEx, or
UPS. Print the labels and wait for the door bell to ring.

DigiRAW accepts international orders

International Orders

You’re in good company. Please organise FedEx, or UPS to collect your packaged discs and send on to us.

To prevent or minimise UK import duties (when sending from outside EU) being unnecessarily applied, instruct your carrier to confirm on the paperwork that your discs will be returned and are entering the UK as "process". Value each disc at $0.10 each.

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To reduce transport costs, you may prefer sending just the discs in CD/DVD wallets, such as this one.

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Nobody can match our obsession and experience when it comes to disc-to-digital home media solutions. That's why, when you book our service, you have the confidence of knowing Chris, the founder, will be taking care of it. Only the best will do in Chris's world, and the same can be said for his crew.


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