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8 great reasons why DigiRAW will design you your very own personal Netflix


Netflix can deliver a great bang for your buck, but if like many of our customers you find yourself a little more frustrated than entertained, then you may prefer another option. Read More…

Media Pro | Your fully managed Plex Media Server Installation Service)


Most of us are guilty about being disorganised with our media. Such as having physical discs all around the home, second home and in our cars. Also, videos, music and photos on all our computers and mobile devices too. Read More…

DVDs on the new Apple TV 4

Apple TV 4

This week our new Apple TV 4 arrived. Set up was simple, we were up and running in 3 minutes.
Lots of our customers and potential new customers have been emailing us
about the new ATV 4. Will their DigiRAW created mp4 video files play nicely?

The New Apple TV 4th Generation
With Home Sharing activated in just the same way as the ATV2 and ATV3, my personal mp4 collection in iTunes displays and plays perfectly thanks to our H.264 / AAC & AC3 codecs.
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I'm loving the Plex App on the new Apple TV 4th generation


Having always been very pro ATV and iTunes... I never thought for one minute I would change my mind, but I have now and dare I say it, I really do encourage you try the Plex app and Plex Server.

Apple has finally opened up to the app development world, and one of the first to arrive to the new ATV4 is Plex, which is truly outstanding!

Until now, to add
Plex to your Apple TV required it to be jail broken, which for the majority of us is a deal breaker.
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Plex App for Apple TV and it's FREE


The new Apple TV interface, married with awesome Plex design touches, giving you the slickest navigation and search experience yet, showcasing all of your media in an elegant and intuitively organised way. Now, finding what you want is easier and more simple than ever before. And with Apple TV’s new top shelf, you can see your featured Plex content right on your Apple TV home screen. Read More…

Introducing Knock 2.0

Knock instead of entering a password to your Apple Mac!
knock-2.0-apple-watch-mac-iphone-unlock-password-app Read More…

Doc Martin Season 7

For all you Doc Martin fans, filming season 7 has started! So what's in store for us?
doc_martin_martin_clunes Read More…