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Plex App for Apple TV and it's FREE


The new Apple TV interface, married with awesome Plex design touches, giving you the slickest navigation and search experience yet, showcasing all of your media in an elegant and intuitively organised way. Now, finding what you want is easier and more simple than ever before. And with Apple TV’s new top shelf, you can see your featured Plex content right on your Apple TV home screen.

Movies, TV shows, and home videos, oh my!
Access your collection of home videos for easy watching on your TV, or watch episodes of your favourite TV show back-to-back. Get Rotten Tomatoes ratings and explore other extras, or, for that theatre experience, see trailers before your movies. Not sure what to watch? Plex lets you rediscover your media by searching for related actor, director, or genre, among others.


The wait is over…
We've always thought that Apple TV would be a perfect place for Plex, so imagine how excited the great guys at Plex were when Apple announced that they could finally make that dream a reality. They worked round the clock on their official app from the moment of the announcement, and are very excited to announce that it's out and it looks amazing. Best of all, Plex for Apple TV is totally free for everyone.


This communication is primarily a Plex announcement by email. We thought it would be great to share it. Copyright (images and much of the write up) is of course that of Plex. We at DigiRAW think your disc-to-digital ripping benefits just got a major boost and were compelled to share the news.

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