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DVDs on the new Apple TV 4

Apple TV 4

This week our new Apple TV 4 arrived. Set up was simple, we were up and running in 3 minutes.
Lots of our customers and potential new customers have been emailing us
about the new ATV 4. Will their DigiRAW created mp4 video files play nicely?

The New Apple TV 4th Generation
With Home Sharing activated in just the same way as the ATV2 and ATV3, my personal mp4 collection in iTunes displays and plays perfectly thanks to our H.264 / AAC & AC3 codecs.

My mini review focusses on your ripped personal collection, namely mp4 files loaded in iTunes and streamed to the new Apple TV 4th generation. Naturally I downloaded a few apps along the way and played a couple of games too. I like it and as the ATV app world opens up, the fun will surely grow.

But... and it is a BIG BUT! Here are a few dislikes that should be mentioned before introducing the new Plex App as a strong contender!


Scrolling scrolling scrolling!

Click, and holding down the relevant button like we do on the silver remote for the ATV2 & 3 is no more! Instead one must keep swiping a finger over and over again on the touch pad to find your title. For a small collection of videos and music titles, that's probably ok, but for an average collection and no apparent search feature, it's a shocking oversight on the part of Apple! If their intention is for us to rely on Siri, coupled with buying/renting/subscribing to music and videos from the iTunes store then another failing here is recognising that sometimes we can't always remember the full name of a track, movie or TV show to voice that request. "Siri, I know it begins with S" ...I think you get my gist!
I did find a large number of people online reporting this same dissatisfaction so maybe Apple will listen and work on an upgrade we can download. Who knows!

Siri activation is a bit hit or miss

But I expect this to improve over time. You can't search your personal library/titles or ask Siri to play a particular title in your personal library, but you can ask him to pause, play, fast forward/rewind a few seconds or minutes, and even say "What did she say" to back up automatically by a few seconds and replay part of that scene! I like this feature a lot.

The remote is sleek, light and nice to use in the day time/with the lights on.

Dim those lights and get comfy on the couch and you struggle to find or even feel for the button you need. Not helped either by unknowingly holding the remote upside down. Thing is, in a dimly lit room, there is no way of knowing which way up is correct because the buttons are centrally placed and evenly presented. Next versions need to overcome this, perhaps buttons that glow like my LG TV Smart remote does!

No Chapters for TV Shows!

Again, many negative posts online and within the apple community about this missing feature which I am sure a future up-date will overcome, needs too and fast!

No ATV4 Remote on your iPad or iPhone

Like we have for the Apple TV 2 & 3... but that said, I am sure this is just a timing thing and a free Remote app will become available soon.
When all said and done... Apple needs to make some improvements which I consider they will... but until they do, I don't think £169 for the 64GB Apple TV 4th generation is a worthy price if your intention is to primarily play content housed in your iTunes. Probably better off (for now) sticking with the ATV3 at £59.

If it wasn't for the Plex app I would have boxed up our ATV4 within 24 hrs and sent it back for a refund. Preferring instead to play the waiting game for subsequent updates and corrections before perhaps recommitting. Apple, you have Plex to thank for keeping our money and gaining an order for a further 4 units around my home. Naturally the kids will be pleased with Santa this year!


Introducing Plex TV - Now we're rocking!

All be it light, I've explored Plex before but always wanted it to be available on the Apple TV. Ok, I could have moved to Roku, Google's Chromecast or the Amazon Fire TV and to be honest, had I known just how great the Plex app was, on a personal level, I would have explored them much sooner.
...But given I occasionally purchase and I seriously mean "occasionally" purchase an iTunes video, moving to an alternative brand meant I would lose the ability to play, the same for my purchased digital music! A line up of different branded hockey style pucks around each of my household TVs was never an option. Ahh the world of lock in when you buy and download digital files.
Please click here for my short review on Plex and the Apple TV. I have to say... I am truly impressed!

Shared by Chris our founder.

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