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DVD Ripping Software List


So the moment has arrived, to backup your DVD collection to your hard drive and begin streaming to your TVs. Maybe even sync your favourites to your mobile devices for offline viewing while easing the tedious commute, business trip, and savour downtime on holiday. Or perhaps you just want to load the kid's movies on their iPads and smartphones to ease the boredom on long journeys!

Choosing the right ripping software can be overwhelming because there are many personal requirements to consider, coupled with a vast choice of applications.

Apart from the time it takes to complete ripping an average library, you may wish to think about the following…

  • Need to rip DVD only, Blu-ray or both?
  • Looking for a click-to-rip one glove fits all utility or something more intrinsic to customise your settings?
  • Will you back up your DVD collection to a computer or NAS?
  • Which format(s)? MP4, MKV, ISO, VOB, AVI or?
  • Ripping for mobile devices only, Home Cinema, or all screens?
  • Need surround sounds like 5.1, 7.1, DTS or even DTS-HD?
  • Need to metadata tag or will you rely on a Media Server to handle this for you?
  • Which Media Server will you populate with your ripped DVDs?
  • Need to select and retain all Audio & Language options presented by each disc?
  • Subtitle Management? Full-time burned in, optional, soft?
  • Do you wish to retain all audio, language and subtitles offered by each disc and activate them at will via your media server and mobile devices?
  • Need lossless digital files or ok with compressed?
  • How will you enjoy your DVD digital conversions?
  • Will you be playing your digital content on all your screens (TVs, computers, smartphones, iPads), or just your home theatre big screen projector?

We appreciate this list may start to look more substantial than you need, or hoped to achieve. And when all said and done, you will find ripper software which caters for all of the above and more.

To help you we started compiling a list of all the DVD ripping software we could find. Do bear in mind though, we haven't tested them, and we're not endorsing any of them. And if you prefer to outsource to DigiRAW, you may like to take a look here.

We do however recognise that not everyone wishes to hire a DVD ripping service operator like DigiRAW.

Why has DigiRAW published a DVD Ripping software compilation?

Well, take up of our service for many of our clients is primarily to convert the bulk of their prized collection. Let's be honest about it, an average sized DVD and Blu-ray disc library, ripping with just one home computer, and dealing with everything else necessary in life, requires commitment, and can still take many months to finish.

We also work with many great customers who started out ripping personally but just couldn't get the quality they desire, or quite naturally got bored and abandoned the personal project as it was too time-consuming.

If you do wish to embark on the DIY ripping route, then we hope our growing list of DVD ripping applications, available from a variety of different developers and encoders from all around the world helps you out. Do note that some are free, and many come with free trials.

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