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Long live the DVD | Future-Proof your collection!


With the ever-growing take-up of streaming services like Netflix, DVD sales are slowly reducing, and it's obvious that eventually, they will go the same way as VHS and audio cassette, and when that happens, sadly DVD players won’t be too far behind.

Why sadly?
Well, don't get us wrong, streaming giants have their place, but for many of us, Netflix (and others) may not be showing the films(s) or TV show(s) one hopes to watch, or the favourites enjoyed over and over again.

At the time of writing this, Netflix and Amazon Prime are not showing The Flash or The 100. To watch the new season 4 of The Flash, you'll need to subscribe to NOWTV which means paying for multiple services and still not getting to see the content desired. Wonder Woman and Supergirl are missing too!

It's likely more studios will follow Disney's lead and try to support their own direct-to-consumer platform >

OK, so it sounds like we're being cynical and dishing those multi-billion dollars corps, far from it, these streaming giants have an ok catalogue and are adding/removing content all the time, especially their homegrown creations!

However, the physical disc, while not always convenient, like cluttering up the living room, and having to get up and down to change the disc, did, at least, allow us to enjoy selective viewing, and with repeat options.

So what's to do?
Well, in the one hand, lose your choice and watch what is handed to you while paying handsomely every month with multiple subscriptions. Alternatively, get locked into to specific devices and platforms (forever) if you choose to buy digital content say from iTunes or Amazon.

The SVOD (streaming video on demand) market is getting somewhat fragmented, and that is bad news for consumers.

Alternatively, you could future-proof your collection and rip them to your hard drive, enjoying them long after the DVD has joined the hall of fame. However, the best part, take advantage of today's digital convenience and choose one of the many free and freemium based media servers that are around to create your very own VOD, a kind of DIY Netflix if you like. The best of all worlds!


Other benefits include streaming your digital library around your home, to all your screens. Downloading them to your devices for offline viewing, say during the commute or when overseas, or even streaming from home to anywhere you have an internet connection.

Internet streaming is heavily compressed, so if a superior image, especially on your large screen is important to you, along with high def audio (DTS and ATMOS), then SVOD is for now sub-par.

To keep your library fresh, you could save a ton by acquiring pre-owned DVDs, Blu-ray and 4K discs and continue converting them to your hard drive. Chances are, you'll be enjoying the latest blockbuster long before it is available on iTunes, Netflix, HBO, Amazon or others.

You never know, you may even keep the physical disc alive that little longer, but to quote many of our clients, "It's fun building my digital catalogue, just as it was collecting and displaying discs for almost 20 years. To stop playing them just doesn't feel right!"

Many of our customers hire DIGIRAW to handle the initial bulk of their collection, and then manage their ongoing ripping needs... others buy new media online and have them sent directly to us. We then store them safe, ready and available to be called home if and when required.

Maybe not for everyone, but with many of us in mind, long live the disc.

Thank you to Plex, Emby and Infuse (Firecore), to mention but a few for giving us options!

Author: Chris Rayner (DIGIRAW Founder)

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