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Welcome to our DIY DVD Ripper page: Dedicated to listing all the DVD Ripping Software solutions we can find. Went live: 24th Nov 2017

Backing up your DVDs to a hard drive is practised by millions of people around the world. It allows you to protect your discs from damage while giving you the freedom to play your movies and TV shows on all your screens. And depending on your chosen media server, you can even access and stream your content when away from home over the internet.

The following ripping software list we hope will encourage a community of enthusiastic rippers to share all levels of feedback, from a priceless rating to a review, question answering, and maybe even some valuable tips and tricks along the way. And you never know, perhaps the software developers will gain insight to aid their ongoing development.

In time, we will collate the information you share and maintain a ripping software directory highlighting the applications which appear to lead the way. Eventually, we will improve the structure of our presentation to conclude areas such as ease of use, functionally, reliability and value for money. But when all is said and done, check

Note: Depending on your country, ripping CDs, DVDs and circumventing encryptions, even for personal use may be illegal. While this area bestows a lot of grey, DigiRAW advises you to retain your discs under an assumed fair rights use consideration, and unquestionably does not endorse piracy.

So why is a DVD ripper service provider sharing a list of free and premium ripping software options for the do-it-yourself player?

Well, a few reasons spring to mind. For a start, we recognise that an outsource ripping service for some is not always within reach. That could be because of cost or perhaps location, and this often results in requests for us to recommend a specific video ripping software.

Challenge is, with such a wide range of DVD ripping software now available, be that free DVD conversion and premium, highlighting one or two from the crowd isn't that simple, and we feel users will likely have a better insight.

Another reason is that we serve new entry customers who hire us for the bulk of their collection to be converted, leaving them free to rip future discs personally so can maintain their media server with fresh content after that.

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A word to the wise. If you wish to rip your DVDs to iTunes, you will need to adopt either an mp4 or m4v container file.

DVDFab for ripping DVDs

DVD copy free trial available with continued (albeit limited) functionality when expired. Seems pricey but this suite of ripping software solutions is very comprehensive. Starts from $49 up to several hundreds.

Rip DVDs, Blu-ray, 3D, UHD 4K and more to MP4, ISO, MKV, FLV, VOB (DVD only) and AVI.


MakeMKV for ripping DVDs and Blu-ray discs to mkv format

MakeMKV is both freeware and shareware. You can use MakeMKV to convert or stream DVD and AVCHD discs for free, as often as you want. You can also convert Blu-ray discs during the 30-day period, but after that, you will need to shell out over £50 for a registration key. Don't forget though; you will also need a Blu-ray player connected to your computer.

Rip DVDs and Blu-ray discs to lossless MKV files and you will preserve all of the disc’s information, including subtitles, audio including DTS, language options and more.


WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

Claims Ripping a full DVD takes as short as 5 minutes (naturally CPU and DVD driver speed dependent)! Capable of ripping DVD MP4, M4V, MKV, MOV, M4V, AVI, FLV, MP3. £59.95

For Blu-ray ripping and apparently 4K/8K UHD, you will need WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe which will also handle your DVD conversions. £45.95


Quality test

Download our 1 minute long mp4 samples. Try them out in Plex, Emby, Infuse 5, or iTunes. Test them on your Pc, Mac, NAS, Nvidia, Android, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Roku or Amazon Fire TV.
Ideal DVD Ripper and Ideal Blu-ray Ripper

Ideal DVD Ripper (Windows only) converts to various formats including mkv, mp4, avi and wmv and offers a selection of profiles to suit your device.. $49.97

Ideal Blu-ray Ripper for your HD video conversions. $59.95 We're unable to confirm if this version will also handle your DVDs.

10 day free trial


Handbrake DVD Encoder

Handbrake is a powerful video encoder and relatively easy to use: Plenty of settings to adjust, or you can use the many profiles already set up. Handbrake is probably one of the most widely used ripper apps. Many use it in conjunction with another app for ripping and circumventing any protection that may exist. Handbrake will convert to mp4, m4v and mkv container files in SD and HD. You can add subtitles and retain audio options such as stereo, 5.1 and DTS.



More ripping software introductions coming soon!



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