A sophisticated onboard media centre for your yacht cinema room

Our Maritime Media solution

Create a library of only the movies, TV shows and music you want. Play your content on your TVs, cinema theatre, smartphones and tablets.

Maritime Media gives you access to your physical media without it being visible and taking up valuable space. Leaving your CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs onshore helps weight and space management. In addition, removing time-consuming disc cataloguing and disc hunting for particular content saves time.

Yacht Entertainment System and play movies on all your screens

What we do…

The Maritime Media solution includes digitising your discs and spec/configuration of your media server in preparation for an onboard plug-and-play installation by you or your AV/engineer support team.


SD, HD and 4K UHD visual bitrate perfection, with High Dynamic Range (HDR) support.

Multi-channel audio, including Dolby Atmos, Dolby TrueHD, DTS:X, and DTS-HD Master Audio.

Choose subtitles and language preferences.


Eliminate loading and unloading discs into your disc player.

No more hunting for discs and wasting time looking for a particular movie in disc folders.

Instant play: No warnings and commercials.


A beautiful and easy to use interface with your content organised and ready to play.

Metadata displays cover art, synopsis, genre, ratings and more.

Search for specific content or select content by actor, genre, date added, release date and more.

DIGIRAW Service 
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DIGIRAW will convert your new and existing disc collection to True-Bit (uncompressed) digital files, including 4K Ultra HD with HDR (High Dynamic Range) with Atmos/DTS-X object surround sound.

We will spec the most suitable server, order, configure, install your media centre software, transfer your new digital True-Bit files and optimise.

Source, download, check and adjust where necessary all the required metadata (cover art, synopsis, cast/images, genre and ratings).

Set up your default language and subtitles options.

Add available trailers to your server for offline playback. Index them within each movie so that your guests get to click the trailer button right on the movie page.

Play your onboard media on your smartphones and tablets too

  • WiFi streaming to your devices over your closed or open onboard network.
  • Ethernet streaming to your fixed devices (TVs/Projector).
  • Create user accounts with or without pin-pass and automatically store watched history.
  • Parental ratings control for content access management.
  • Play movie trailers.
  • Language, audio and subtitle options preserved.
  • Content organised and enabled for effective search and sort features.
  • Pause, fast forward/rewind, select chapters and resume play on another device.


QNAP is a market leader in developing some of the best NAS (Network Assisted Storage) devices available. Your NAS media server will store all your content ready for your clients (mobile devices, TVs and projectors) to access and play your content.

  • The QNAP NAS we specify will depend upon your requirements. For example, the number of storage bays, total storage required, and simultaneous streams.

  • By default, we adopt a RAID 1 configuration which will help protect you from disk failure and keep your system running and data accessible. Should a disk need to be replaced, your engineering team will be able to rebuild your RAID quickly.
  • DIGIRAW also provides a USB hard drive with your files loaded which you then store as backup. This backup will allow your support team to recover data that may have been lost or corrupted from system failure.
  • Connect the QNAP NAS to your onboard network and access/stream your data over ethernet or WiFI.
  • WiFi should only stream your SD and HD content. Unoptimized 4K files can be too large and are better streamed by ethernet.

* Periodically, both your media server and clients (streaming devices) will need to ping the internet. Bandwidth usage will be in the kbps; in other words, tiny.

App and content updates.
Internet will be required to download and or update the media center apps on your streaming devices, which you may prefer to conduct when your yacht is in harbour.

Big screen entertainment.

Dolby Atmos, delivering ultra-sharp picture quality and stunning sound. Upscale your HD content on the fly to 4K for sharper visuals utilising AI image improvement and the power of the NVIDIA Tegra® X1+ processor.

Nvidia Shield TV 4K HDR Theatre
Nvidia Shield TV 4K HDR Theatre

For the best in class experience, we recommend streaming your content to your TVs and Cinema using the Nvidia Shield TV Pro 4K. This client is powerful, fast, runs on the latest Android Oreo operating system, and connects directly to your TV using an HDMI cable.

For your TVs/Cinema projector capable of playing uncompressed audio, such as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X object sound, Dolby TrueHD and Dolby DTS-HD MA, connect the Nvidia Shield TV to your receiver(s) for an excellent and immersive sound experience.

NVIDIA Shield TV and 4K ripping playing on Plex in your home theatre
  • Movies on Nvidia Shield TV


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Your also get a fantastic display with great features on your iOS and Android mobile devices.

Apple TV 4

Apple TV 4 series is another option, and we recognise that many yachts already run them. If you are, then you are probably aware that this streaming device needs to frequently "ping-by-internet" the Apple app servers. Bandwidth usage is minimal, so while that aspect may not be a consideration, accessing the internet altogether maybe.

NB. Maritime Media can adopt the Apple TV 4 series, however, passthrough True-HD, Atmos or DTS-Audio can not. This feature remains reserved only for pay-to-view VoD content providers such as Apple and Netflix.

Superyachts we have supported include.

Yachts DIGIRAW has supported with disc-to-digital services

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