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Media Pro | Your fully managed Home Media Server


Most of us are guilty about being disorganised with our media. Such as having physical discs all around the home, second home and in our cars. Also, videos, music and photos on all our computers and mobile devices too.

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Most of us are guilty of being disorganised with our media. Such as having physical discs all around the home, second home and in our cars. Not forgetting, videos, music and photos on all our computers and mobile devices too.

It's chaos. Surely a better way exists?

Typically, our clients are budget rich and time short, yet long to enjoy the benefits of being a selective-viewer, without the need to self-manage. In other words, own and play only the movies, and TV shows their household loves, with content specific genre continually added. Titles that can be streamed to TVs, the big screen home theatre projector, and mobile devices when out and about.

So to help, DigiRAW launched Media Pro, a fully managed home-content media service which adopt's the power and feature-rich
Plex Media Server.

First of all, we
convert our clients DVDs and Blu-ray discs, CDs too if not already ripped and load them onto a powerful NAS we like to call the Media Hub. Every client is unique, so we individually specify hardware to meet their specific requirements. For example, how many devices do they wish to stream content too simultaneously?

All physical-to-digital titles are organised, optimised and backed-up ready to play on every screen/device desired. DigiRAW will also add their photos and home videos too.

The Media Hub is connected securely to a home network, delivering the power to stream content wherever there is an internet connection, (even 3G & 4G). Clients can also connect
Apple TV, Roku or Amazon Fire TV streamers to the TVs in their second home, holiday cottage and hotel room.


Share photos with friends and family, play a trailer, review the movie synopsis, and then click play on your remote to jump straight into the movie or episode you choose, but without any of the annoying warnings and adverts. You even get access to extras such as behind-the-scenes, cast and director interviews!

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No setting up, no ongoing management, no more hunting for discs and finding empty cases. Just the power to watch any of your titles at the touch of a button, all with the bonus of de-cluttering your home.

We've made it easy!

We collect your discs and other digital files like music and photos. We consider and specify your particular requirements, such as

  • The number of screens you may stream your Media Hub content to simultaneously.
  • We check your internet speed to ensure remote streaming is available and if not, which options exist so you can.
  • We design and source the necessary equipment and software to create your Media Hub, and install, including TV streamers such as the Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV.
  • We manage all Media Hub software updates remotely along with general housekeeping to keep your Media Centre running smoothly.

"Its at times like these we can truly recognise how the digital age delivers practicality with flexibility and enjoyment"  - Chris Rayner - Founder

"Our family gets all the fun, without any of the work and Chris obviously enjoys bringing everything to life for us"  - Paul Walter - Oxford - Client

Please visit our Media Pro page for more information.

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