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Media Pro | Your fully managed Plex Media Server Installation Service)


Most of us are guilty about being disorganised with our media. Such as having physical discs all around the home, second home and in our cars. Also, videos, music and photos on all our computers and mobile devices too.

It's chaos. Surely a better way exists!
Typically, our clients are budget rich but time short, so to help, well in fact to handle and manage everything for you, we came up with our Media Pro service. Everything together in one piece of hardware installed at your home (Media Hub), all organised and backed up, enabling you to access and share your collection easily on every screen/device you use (
Plex Media Server).

About us...
DigiRAW is your disc-to-digital back up conversion service that future proofs your physical media (DVDs) to digital form, so you can play them on all your TVs and mobile devices.

Media Pro on the other hand extends our popular solution to include a fully managed and maintained media server installation service, so that your relaxing downtime is enhanced by browsing an organised library on all your screens, wherever you are in the world.

Share your photos with friends and family ...or play a trailer, review the movie synopsis, and then click play on your remote to jump straight into the movie or episode you chose, but without any of those annoying warnings and adverts. You even enjoy access to extras, cast and director interviews!

No setting up, no ongoing management, no more hunting for discs and finding empty cases. Just the power to watch any of your content at the touch of a button, all with the added bonus of de-cluttering your home.

We've made it simple!
We collect your discs and other digital files like music and photos. We consider and specify your particular requirements, such as...

  • How many screens will stream your Media Server content simultaneously.
  • How many physical discs you own (DVDs, Blu-ray & CDs).
  • For streaming your new converted content remotely (away from home wherever you have internet), we check your internet speed is fast enough.
  • We source on your behalf your Media Hub and install the Plex Media Server software and populate as soon as we have digitised your discs.
  • We install your Media Hub in your home along with your TV streamers such as the APPLE TV 4.
  • We manage remotely all software updates and housekeeping needs to keep your Media Centre running perfectly.

"It's at times like these we can truly recognise how the digital age delivers practicality with flexibility and enjoyment"

  - Chris Rayner - Founder

"Our family get's all the fun, without any of the work"

  - Paul Walter - Oxford

For all your Movies, TV Shows, Music and Photos.
If you fancy a home installed, cloud style personal content streaming solution for all your TVs, streamers and mobile devices ...around your home and when out and about wherever you have internet... Please take a look at
our Media Pro service for your new 'fully managed' media solution, and enjoy your very own Media Assistant.

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